Flash objects appear as very small and disappear on click.


Since a few months ago, I've been having a problem with Flash objects in Firefox. They seem to only take up about a quarter of the space they are supposed to. And then, if I click on them in any way, say to control the video, they instantly go black. The audio continues, and in the case of video it still responds to the keyboard shortcuts for Flash video (eg. Spacebar for play/pause). But the video is totally gone. And nothing short of a refresh gets it back to visible.

I guess no BBCode, but here is a screenshot:

The video and other flash things work perfectly in Safari. No problems there.

I know there is a common problem with Flash video not working properly, and I tried the fixes described there. I didn't have Real Player installed, so I just uninstalled and re-installed Flash and get the same thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated it.

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