posted by zoom2d 5 years ago
Real date is moved to current if history entry is clicked

So I have a weird issue with my landlord trying to charge me late fees for not getting a rent payment. The problem here is that I did pay and I have a proof which is my browsing history. One of the URLs indicated payment confirmation page with some numbers etc. When I was checking to make sure that I do have this history I found it and decided to click on it to make sure that the page is what I am expecting it to be. Later i realized that now this URL shows up ONLY in my today history while other URLs from this site are still dated 3/3. So basically old entry was removed by new one and it's important for me to see it as it was accessed(in precise chronological order) to show it to my landlord.

Any ideas how can I get real browsing history data without firefox messing with dates? It should've create a second entry, but it moved the only one i actually needed to be there:(

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