Firefox constantly freezing due to issues with Flash. Please help.

I was running the firefox 20 beta (and have been for a while) when in the last few days, suddenly any time I tried to open any site that used even the slightest amount of flash, the browser would freeze for minutes on end before finally releasing a "plugin error" type message about Shockwave Flash. If i clicked 'continue' it would stay frozen. If i clicked 'stop script' then sometimes it would fix it, but most of the time it would keep freezing and showing that same message over and over until I stopped the process in task manager.

First I tried to update flash and shockwave- both are up to date. So i decided to delete the files themselves and the programs via add/remove and reinstalled them. Still did not fix the problem.

Next I tried to do a reset firefox to default state. This didn't work. I tried doing it again with the flash files deleted/uninstalled AND I rebooted the computer and the problem still persisted.

Finally, I tried to downgrade to a more stable version of firefox, so I downloaded 19 and it still didnt work. Tried the uninstall/re install for flash one more time and nothing.

At this point, I cannot access about half of the pages I usually go to on the web and I need help here, please anything will do.

One thing that I noticed that might be helpful is that no matter how many times i uninstalled or reinstalled flash, every time it would try to run, task manager would show two instances of it, each using different amount of memory.

again, please please help. If there is any solution short of a total wipe it would be greatly appreciated

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