firefox crashes a few seconds after opening except in safe mode - even after reinstall

When I open firefox it crashes a few seconds after opening.

I have backed up my profile, uninstalled and reinstalled. (But not restored any of my profile). But it is still crashing in the same way.

These are the last 5 crash logs

Crash ID: bp-6eebd291-e610-46fb-9066-b93052130305 Crash ID: bp-31e5523c-efaf-46a2-88df-ca67a2130305 Crash ID: bp-bc9c3aa1-644c-4f59-954d-45fca2130305 Crash ID: bp-a473974a-443f-4c5c-91ed-436f62130305 Crash ID: bp-31fb2a06-2ed0-48aa-b866-d209d2130305

I think the initial problem might have been caused by IB Updater - IncrediBar

I have uninstalled this in the windows control panel and it no longer shows up in the add-ons list (in safe mode). I have also run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, but this didn't find anything. I am also running Avast Anti virus.

The trouble shoot information below if from running in safe mode as it doesn't stay open long enough in normal mode.

Any help greatly appreciatedĀ !

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