posted by danlh 5 years ago
Want the save-image-as panel to detach so i can look at the page while i choose a name for the image

I'm using firefox 18.0.2 for ubuntu.

When i right-click on an image and choose "Save Image As ..." a panel comes up and is glued to the title-bar of the window. It is impossible to move the panel away from the title-bar of the window, and thus impossible to see what is in the window.

So i have no way of choosing a filename for what to save the image as, because i cannot see the image to make a good choice.

The only solution seems to be to save the image, then, after it is saved, rename it through the filesystem.

So i'm looking for a way to detach the 'save-as'panel from the title-bar so i can see what it is i'm saving, and give it a good name.

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