Help, Firefox keeps crashing. Firefox version 20.0, how do I fix this?

Hi, I had Firefox version 19.0, and it occurred an error which caused Firefox to crash. I followed the troubleshot steps, and started it up on Safe mode, and I got a message saying "The connection has timed out".

I browsed the forums for a while for solutions, and I started by disabling my add-on apps. This did not solve the problem. I've read here that it could be malware that is causing this problem, but neither malware bytes, Microsoft security, or Norton found the cause, any virus, spyware, or malware. After this I read about certain .dll files that could be causing all sorts of issues, but after searching manually for these files, they did not appear in my computer, such as datamgr.dll, like this it was suggested in a thread a few days ago.

I went ahead and re-installed firefox, same error occurred. Then I opted for trying the 20.0 beta. It did not help either

These are the latest crash reports I have got bp-ac0bc69a-3cef-4e62-9718-2b3dd213030303/03/201312:39 a.m. bp-d0523c4d-c04e-463b-986f-1cd55213030303/03/201312:39 a.m. bp-276d7776-ca65-48f8-ab6c-283fe213030202/03/201312:55 a.m. bp-6b15839f-0a41-428d-be3d-054e1213030202/03/201312:55 a.m. bp-6caadd2b-8c47-40fa-babd-165412130301 01/03/201312:56 p.m.

I am not sure what could be causing this, please help.

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