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How to get Firefox to follow an anchor fragment in XSLT stylesheet generated HTML


I have an XML file that is being transformed to HTML at load time by the browser via an XSLT stylesheet - something like this:

<?xml  version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="transform.xsl" title="example" type="text/xsl"/>
  <bar baz="1">Hello</bar>
  <bar baz="2">my name is</bar>
  <bar baz="3">Inigo Montoya</bar>

The XML gets converted into HTML via the stylesheet, something like this:
    <div class="bar" id="1">Hello</div>
    <div class="bar" id="2">my name is</div>
    <div class="bar" id="3">Inigo Montoya</div>

The transform runs just fine, the HTML generates and is displayed, BUT: If I give the browser a url like:


while the browser renders the file fine, it does NOT move the viewport to the selected div (assuming the generated HTML is larger than a screenfull, naturally). I've also tried adding <a name="2"/> and <a id="2"/> elements to the generated HTML as well, with no observed change.

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  • The Totem 2.28.4 plugin handles video and audio streams.
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I didn't realise the system would eat my tags:

 Example (with <> replaced with () to keep from being processed:)
 (?xml-stylesheet href="transform.xsl" title="example" type="text/xsl" ?)
   (bar baz="1")Hello(/bar)
   (bar baz="2")my name is(/bar)
   (bar baz="3")Inigo Montoya(/bar)

Output (with <> replaced with () to keep from being processed)

 (div class="bar" id="1")Hello(/div)
 (div class="bar" id="2")my name is(/div>
 (div class="bar" id="3")Inigo Montoya(/div>
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