Is there a way to "whitelist" a specific plugin on the add-ons blocklist for a specific website?

All employees in my company use a website on our intranet to clock in and out. The website, provided by ADP, uses a Java plugin to facilitate the process of clocking in and out after an employee is instructed to log in.

As of recent, many (if not all) versions of Java have been added to the Firefox Add-ons Blocklist. Although I agree with this decision, I would like to "whitelist" the specific website described above on my employee's computers so that it is not affected by the blocklist.

I am aware of clicking on the red block to the left of the website's URL and selecting "Always activate plugins for this site" ( However, not all of my employees are. Describing or walking-through this process with several hundred of them would be very time consuming and is inefficient.

I do not want to deploy a custom blocklist or disable it altogether. A custom blocklist would allow Java to automatically run on any website and not using a blocklist is risky.

My users are all using Firefox 19 on Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7 with Java 6, Update 41 installed.

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