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How to change browser.startup.page from about:blank to about:newtab?


I'd like my browser.startup.page to display about:newtab instead of about:blank, while keeping Google as my browser.startup.homepage. I'm not sure how to do it, since browser.startup.page allows only predefined int values (0 - blank, 1 - homepage, 3 - previous session) - where can I edit/add them? Or is there another way to get the result I want?

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hello, go to firefox > tools >options > general, select when firefox starts: "show my homepage" & just enter about:newtab as your custom homepage.

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I said that I wanted to keep Google as my homepage...

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You can add "-url about:newtab" (without quotes) to the command line in the Firefox desktop shortcut to start Firefox with that page.
Then you can set the home page to the Google website.

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[Edited] There's a problem with your solution, after all...

It actually opens FF in a new window, without even grouping it with the FF icon I have pinned to the taskbar, so that's not really what I want :(

The best option would be somehow adding about:newtab to the "When FIrefox starts" menu, but I've no idea how to do it.

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Use the -new-tab switch instead.

  • "<path to firefox>\firefox.exe" -new-tab about:newtab

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Well, the problem is that I have FF pinned to taskbar, but it's not pinned by right-clicking the desktop/start menu shortcut and choosing 'pin to taskbar' - this way it becomes just a shortcut and the actual window will open next to it on taskbar. I chose 'Pin this program to taskbar' by right-clicking the active window from the taskbar itself - this way there is only one FF icon on my taskbar. Unfortunately, there's no way, that I know of, that could be used to add either -url or -new-tab about:newtab to it.