Firefox 19 crashes immediately upon startup. I don't even get to the homepage. Why?

I'm using the release version of Firefox 19. The last day or two it's been crashing immediately upon my clicking the start icon. Here are the last five crash reports:

Crash ID: bp-d513e4fe-a398-4fa8-b754-031ee2130228 Crash ID: bp-ae5b521b-1dbb-42d5-b10d-a78eb2130228 Crash ID: bp-c6f9caa9-f282-4331-86bf-b76722130228 Crash ID: bp-d7bd55e1-3779-4314-87f4-99ee82130228 Crash ID: bp-7de2dd0a-43c4-4a23-b0c8-e4d1b2130228

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