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Images disappearing when on another tab for any amount of time.


I am a member on a ProBoards forum and have spent the past 24 hours discussing this issue with them assuming it to be fault at their end. Okay here's what happens. I have several tabs opened on my firefox browser the first one being my ProBoards writing forum. At the top of the forum I have random banners that load in. Now these banners should load in immediately and when they do, they should stay there the whole time. What is happening when I go to another tab, for say Facebook for any length of time, I am talking at least a minute or more sometimes less, when I go back to my initial tab with my forum the image at the top of the site is no longer displaying. The only way to get it to show again is to either scroll a fraction on the site, or click on another tab and back to the site again within seconds. I know it shouldn't be doing this and in fact only started last night. I have terrible OCD and this isn't helping me. Can you please give me an ansewr or at least fix the issue. ProBoards after 24 hours deem it to be a Firefox issue as I can't recreate the issue on Google Chrome but I really don't like or want to use that browser. Thanks.

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Is the disk cache and memory cache enabled and working if you check that on the about:cache page? (open this page via the location bar)

Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).

  • Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe mode start window or otherwise make changes.

Create a new profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problems.

See "Creating a profile":

If the new profile works then you can transfer some files from an existing profile to the new profile, but be careful not to copy corrupted files.

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First of all, I have no idea how to access the cache you talk of, I don't appear to have a page for that?

I've already restarted firefox in safe mode, went through all of that with ProBoards support - did not fix the issue.

Finally, I have no idea how to create a profile and I do NOT want to lose anything that I use. Everything including ad-ons the banner was working right up until last night. This is a totally new thing and I didn't add any new ad-ons yesterday. Sorry.

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Could someone please respond with a better answer SOON?! I am not calling this proficient customer service. ProBoards have bent over backward with me trying to get to the root of this issue with no success. This is obviously a Firefox issue and now it's happening to every site that has images - I go off the page onto another tab for any length of time, go back to my other tab and the images are gone. Or they pop up as I hit the page. That isn't good. It's NOT meant to do that. I have been having this issue for 3 days now. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox and I am still having the same issue. PLEASE FIX IT! I don't want to use another browser but the images aren't disappearing on Google Chrome and as much as I hate it, I will be forced to use it and quit Firefox if you don't get this sorted thanks.