posted by tyl3rg 5 years ago
Firefox Crashing Every Few Seconds, please help

This has only occurred recently, and it has really gotten on my nerves. It happens no matter what I'm doing or where I am, randomly every 10 seconds-10 minutes. Someone please help. Also, here are the last 5 crash reports. bp-26d31910-9df0-4721-9990-3da3c21302272/27/20131:20 PMbp-935d229c-3530-4e20-ad49-f521a21302272/27/20131:20 PMbp-a0d3ec6a-4930-4ff7-a0a9-6dc6521302272/27/20131:19 PMbp-df4273d1-39bf-4fb0-8de4-8a0fb21302272/27/20131:19 PMbp-ced57822-b581-4b32-9113-1459821302272/27/20131:18 PM

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