Firefox Crashing Every Few Seconds, please help

This has only occurred recently, and it has really gotten on my nerves. It happens no matter what I'm doing or where I am, randomly every 10 seconds-10 minutes. Someone please help. Also, here are the last 5 crash reports. bp-26d31910-9df0-4721-9990-3da3c21302272/27/20131:20 PMbp-935d229c-3530-4e20-ad49-f521a21302272/27/20131:20 PMbp-a0d3ec6a-4930-4ff7-a0a9-6dc6521302272/27/20131:19 PMbp-df4273d1-39bf-4fb0-8de4-8a0fb21302272/27/20131:19 PMbp-ced57822-b581-4b32-9113-1459821302272/27/20131:18 PM

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