HTML5 videos won't play on *some* websites!

Unfortunately I can't provide a direct link since the website in question is coded in such a way that navigation is facilitated by hash-tags.

Here's how to get to the video page in question:

1) Go to:

2) While the flash site is loading, at the very bottom you will have a "click here" link which will take you to the html version of the site, click it before the flash site loads. If you didn't click in time, in the fully loaded flash-version of the site there will be a link in the bottom-center called: "classic nra site", click it instead.

3) Once on the html version of the site, navigate to the "featured videos" tab on the right-hand side, and try playing ANY video.

You will immediately notice that the videos are posted using html5 video tags, but don't play on Firefox, displaying an error message saying: "Sorry, your browser cannot play this video", or "No video with supported format and MIME type found".

I tried in Google Chrome and all the videos play just fine.

Is the problem on my end and I am missing something, or is this an issue with firefox? And if so, is this a known issue that's being looked at already, or am I the first to report it?


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