add-on manager malfuction - AMO not working , search hnags, no list extensions

Using FF 18.0.2 then 19.0 in linux mint 14 64-bit (since 26 Feb 2013) (Reprise of much earlier mess-up.)

AMO has stopped functioning (new design is still rubbish anyway) Search stays at "Loading" always Extensions are not listed (Plug-ins are listed) Check of compatibility seemed to hang.

Updated, Restarted in safe mode, cleared all cookies, cleared cache.


Whoever wrote this heap of c### (sorry, code :) even has avoided having a keyword in bugzilla . Must be a top-rate manager.

I can load extensions direct from urls, but some seem to hang as loading completes. I can't list them, except by looking in internals. FF seems sluggish, though net speedtest seems ok

Try to install "Details" collector add-on. SNAFU, loads but doesnot complete. Use the clipboard route. Nothing much visible in about:support (this, in safe mode, newly updated FF)


Any solutions?

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