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How to Turn off Personalized Start Page and Avoid Awesomeness


Firefox wants to personize my start page on Firefilox/Android. I want a URL I specify to display anytime I start Firefox. Specifically, after a power-on, reboot, or Start/Open Firefox displays my URL. On return/open actions the current behaviour would be maintained (last open tab(s), I think.

Although awesomeness is good, Google's stock android browsers have a similar feature. Their implemention (and that of other browsers, like Dolphin) made entering a specific URL difficult and at times impossible (especially something like Rather than giving up the awesomeness completely, how can I enter any specific URL to ensure that it will be delivered to my network at home (usually), or any other valid Web URL without modification or causing additional suggestions in any response? I want only what I typed or 404 error if it's still called that as a response.

I recently switched from Dolphin, having used it for years, when they decided to limit the ability to forward a web page reference to anyone without either using Facebook or seeing a screen every single time asking me to logon to my non-existent Facebook account. They made this change apparently intentionally and it broke the product for me and others, for many reasons. I pick essential of use, which is why I am asking my second question. I strongly object to a page reflecting my browsung activity in any way being shown when Firefox opens. It's a privacy issue. if you don't understand think it through.

I thought carefully before moving to Firefox because of the shear number of releases on the festoons version in recent memory (2 years?) and the proclivity, even objective, of breaking features/functions/clear UI to provide a new/different/better Firefox (more secure, probably is the biggest issue. I now have to cope with a "check your add-ons" page after the version warning page. Sorry Firefox ihas been a target but I have always checked add-ons especially since they were often disabled as non-compatible by Firefox anyway. I want safe, secure, fast, private, easy to use software. I like add-ons to deliver new functions, integrations, buttons. I will not use a product which defines for me what the first window opens to, unless it's an emergency to the population (weather, terrorists, earthquake) . I don't want the first page to provide information at all, unless it's a URL I set or perhaps connectivity problems. Less, please of clutter, what you think I we want, and triage of apparently significant security exposures through popular add-ons (fix the architecture, disable and force the add-on owner to... Adobe..hello? fix them) don't pass the problem to us. The software can check the add-on and help me decide what to do, and disable automatically if it exposes a risk. I realize you disable for non-compatability, and I'm just glad I never tried to create an add-on, because it's hard to believe communications channels were ever maintained there.

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So alot of this feels like a rant, but for the basic question you asked, Firefox 20, which is in Beta right now, allows your to customize the Android Start Page. Install it from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mozilla.firefox_beta

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I didn't realize how the question would be "presented". Please feel free to comment down to the 2 questions and redirect the other feedback or instruct me how to do so. and those typos...fat fingers aggressive yet poorly implemented predictive typing. Essential of use means "ease of use" to Samsung G3 4.1.?

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I don't know if rant, but I should have understood how questions are presented. My detail and feedback were completely inappropriate here, my apologies.

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Thank you for fast response and patience. I avoid betas in general but I will try it immediately. First question answered presumed solved.

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Thanks for your help. I could not find a way to set the Personalized start page either to a different page or to not show any pages (personal or other) in beta 20. In addition, I wasn't finding any way to exit (button or default choice). Off beta unless someone else has answers or knows where rmthus feature is documented (I guess, for beta unless other mechanism in existing release).

How can I edit the about:something file through that interface?

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Long tap and hold till you get a menu, select remove. Repeat for each tile.