How do I copy my current Firefox Bookmarks and emails and settings in order to recopy them to a reinstalled Firefox later on

I am having problems with Windows Media Player and have tried all suggested options to sort it out. It was installed on my laptop when I bought it in Sept 2012 and is now causing problems that I can't resolve. In checking the player defaults and troubleshooting I discovered that the fie was created oin 21 Jan 2013, the same date I downloaded Real Player. This should have been Sept 2012 when I bought the computer. Has Real Player caused a conflict? = I don't know.

I  now see no way out except restoring Windows 7 from the recovery disks made when I bought the computer or maybe downloading a new version of Win Media Player . 

If I do a restore then I will lose my Thunderbird emails and my Bookmarks on Firefox - I would like to avoid this, if possible. Please let me know how and from where I can copy these and how I can upload/ recopy them when I am up and running with my reinstalled Windows 7.

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