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Copy text - Can paste to notepad OK - Close FF - Can still paste it anywhere EXCEPT notepad (It's still on clipboard)


I put it all in the subject! Then I got sent here! Is this a forum? Is there a users Firefox forum? Where am I?


Edit: How will I know if I get any replies?

I'll just add that it has been this way in XP and Win 7 for years

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You should get an email for each reply that is posted. Have no idea about the problem, though. Pasting after Firefox closes works fine with Mac OS.

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Hi pat100, yes this is a forum and if you didn't opt out of notification, you probably will get an email with a copy of this (not very useful) reply, and other replies to this thread.

As you may know, when you copy from a web page Firefox places multiple formats on the clipboard, including plain text (which I assume is what Notepad cares about) and HTML (which is what many other applications prefer).

There is a utility I have used named Clipboard Inspector to see what is on the Windows clipboard at any given moment. The original site is no longer available, but the file can be downloaded from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:


If that doesn't scare you off (!!), could you check before and after closing Firefox whether anything is being cleared as part of the shutdown process?