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How do I remove the big arrow on upper toolbar that glows when I download anything?


Recently an arrow appeared at the top of my upper toolbar next to search window. It glows when downloading and tells time I have left to finish. Then enlarges when download is finished. It's stupid. I have download bar in my add-ons to track downloads. How do I get rid of it, very annoying!! My son's computer got one too and is a little different in color, but he hates it too. Is it an automatic Mozilla update? I didn't download any add-ons or browers recently.

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hello, what you're seeing is the new default download panel that will be introduced in firefox 20 (you use the beta were it's active already) - you can remove it like any other toolbar button: Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars

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That is the new download manager that both shows the download status (progression) and a list of finished downloads if you click the button.

You can drag that button into the toolbar palette in Customize mode.

I had to delete the localstore.rdf file to make this work properly because that button disappeared in Customize mode and "Restore Default Set" didn't work.

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None of the solutions worked (tried deleting localstore.rdf but the icon was still not appearing under Customize Toolbar) but I finally found a way to do it. Go to Documents and Settings\[Your Username]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles and open up your profile (probably the only one listed). Open localstore.rdf with Notepad and search for "download." What you are looking for is listed under RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#nav-bar" It will be named downloads-button. Simply remove downloads-button, and save the file. When you restart Firefox it should be permanently gone.

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Hi KatBeck,

None of the solutions worked (tried deleting localstore.rdf but the icon was still not appearing under Customize Toolbar)

The icon will not display in the palette of icons to choose from if it is already on the toolbar. You would need to drag the icon from the toolbar into the palette/pane of available icons.

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