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Win8, can I use FF 12.0?


Unfortunately, I now have a laptop with a McDonalds order screen (well, fixed that, back to a desktop and start button). I loaded FF as I was not going to get into the IE requirements. I do not like the latest FF that loaded. 19.0. Personal preference only. My good desktop, XP Pro, was recently updated to 12.0, which is not as friendly as the last version (personal preference only). Can I load 12.0 into Win8? I found one item in the FAQs on this, stated that 18.0 wouldn't load on 8, but that 17.0 would. All I need to know, before I try it, is will it work on 8?

I have somewhat limited functionality, something warm and fuzzy that I am more used to is what I need to find. Thank you much. Dave

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I strongly recommend NOT using firefox 12 it is old, slow, not supported and not secure.

Firefox 19 the current release may at the moment not work on some AMD PCs running Windows 8, in which case the temporary workaround is to use Firefox 18.0.2. otherwise use Firefox 19.

I have somewhat limited functionality

If you wish to expand on that statement maybe I could offer some suggestions.

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Peripheral vision can be an issue. Too much stuff on screen can be an issue. Which is why we loaded Start8 and killed the Charms off. I am so used to the functionality of XP, and the need to have stuff where I know it is. On the 19.0, we removed a whole bunch of stuff, putting it in the storage page, same with Thunderbird. It can be difficult navigating the eyes through all that. My old desktop uses Outlook Express, which I am very comfortable with. I am surprised, that when I decided to upgrade the FF on the XP box, the latest upgrade was 12.0, and I just did that last month, but it's obsolete? Hope that clarified a bit. Dave

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Hi Dave,

Yes unfortunately Firefox 12 is obsolete, and it is not a good idea to use it because you put your personal data and your machine at increased risk.

The good news is that Firefox is highly customisable and it should be possible to easily improve it to better suit your needs. Have a look at this site: