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I have the Norton 360 antivirus and it has the Norton toolbar on my browser and they put a new update out for 19 a couple days ago. I been having issues having the Toolbar show up for me on 17 and I'm gonna upgrade soon to fix that. (I even asked on the Norton Community forums and they confirmed it was a issue with 18 and with my thread I had confirmed it for 17) I just have a question about 19 before I do.

My Flash player is still at 10.3 because I read about it crashing a lot with the later versions. Does this version fix that issue or is it still there? I know you can downgrade and all that if you upgrade but I was wondering if it fixed itself before I do decide to upgrade adobe. I use YouTube a lot throughout the day and wondered if it ever was fixed or not.

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(First, you should ALWAYS keep Firefox up to date, even at the expensive of your Norton Toolbars. New Firefox versions fix critical security holes, and Norton Toolbars do nothing to increase your security).

The Flash issues are issues that need to be fixed by Adobe. In Flash 11.6 (the most recent version) they have fixed the majority of the issue they introduced in 11.3.

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In your opinion they do nothing but they point out the harmful websites to me so telling me they do nothing is a understatement. I will upgrade FF when I feel it needs to be and when I know it will work with websites because one of the upgrades made the website I play the most in some sections completely unplayable unless you switched browsers. They finally fixed the problem but they took several months to locate it.

I'm more worried about how it crashes all the time with the newer Firefox updates. I seen a lot of reports around the time 12-13 came out that it and Adobe didn't work and you had to downgrade to fix the issues.

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Hello demonicvampiregirl, for the flash issue, as Tylerdowner said above, The Flash issues are issues that need to be fixed by Adobe. In Flash 11.6 (the most recent version) they have fixed the majority of the issue they introduced in 11.3.

In Flash Player 11.3, a protected mode was added as a new security enhancement for Firefox 4.0 and greater on Windows Vista and higher. as you can see : http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1018071?tstart=0

basically the flash issues, from 11.3 and later, is for windows vista and later (win 7 & 8), personally using always the latest flash(in my xp) with no problem at all (not that that's saying something) but the problems is at 99% with windows vista or 7.

i think if you upgrade to latest flash you don't have any problem

thank you

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Alright thank you! I was worried if I upgraded it finally that I'd be encountering those issues. At least now if my parents have issues with it I can help with it. Maybe this has actually been my moms issue with her FF and Adobe for some time now.