Firefox on Windows 8 crashes randomly

I have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox running on my Windows PC. Mozilla crashes randomly and crashed around 10-20 times last night when my mother was checking her email and Facebook. I went to the about: crashes page and here are the IDs of the reports. Any help would be highly appreciated.

bp-e81e50fa-e71c-4202-a611-36c7b2130222 bp-f393ac38-97fa-4455-88fc-dd2e92130221 bp-a47d00bd-9de5-4a63-a5ee-38ab32130221 bp-3b059c6d-f97c-4ef3-bd22-be2022130221 bp-15595200-7acc-4a21-84fe-a80c42130221 bp-de0bf0b0-7bd5-45bc-a472-ab21d2130221

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