posted by eddyc 3 years ago
Swiftkey keyboard keeps crashing when Firefox opens

This happens about 50% of the time when I open Firefox for Android. I open the app and as soon as it has come up I click into the awesome bar to search. My swiftkey keyboard opens as it should and I begin typing my search. However on the 1st of 2nd letter the keyboard freezes and stops taking input. Firefox also freezes and stops taking input. The whole phone screen remains frozen (except I can open and close the notifications bar) however long I wait.

I then have to click the Home button to get back to the home screen. Often even then the keyboard doesn't close but remains on the top of the screen, frozen. I then have to manually force close Firefox and the keyboard disappears.

I have tested this using the following:

Galaxy SIII running stock Touch Wiz android 4.1.2 Galaxy SII running stock Touch Wiz Android 4.0.x (not sure of exact version of ICS)

Firefox for Android versions 16, 17, 18, 19 Firefox Beta for Android versions 17, 18, 19

SwiftKey Keyboard versions 3 and 4.

Please let me know if the issue is not clear or if there is any more information I can give that would be helpful. I'm happy to do any amount of testing to try to resolve this.

Thanks for reading!

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