How to get Firefox to display pdf file in browser (Win 7, FF 19.0, AA 10.1.6, IE 9)?

After Firefox updated to version 19, when I tried to view a pdf file, the file appeared in a strange new viewer. Seemed to work OK, but I was concerned (didn't know that it is apparently a new feature of FF 19), and wanted the Adobe viewer back.

After a few minutes of viewing in the FF pdf viewer, a message appeared that said something like-- This viewer may not be displaying the document correctly. Would you like to use Adobe Acrobat instead?-- I clicked yes.

Now, when I click a link for a pdf file, it will either open automatically in Adobe Acrobat (windows application, not viewer within FF), or I'll get a dialog that asks whether I want to save the file or use Adobe Acrobat to open it.

I have followed the instructions here:


Delete the mimetypes.rdf file

Delete the pluginreg.dat file

Let me know if you think I've missed any info that would be helpful. Now that I know the new PDF viewer is FF native, I wouldn't mind trying it out.



repair of Adobe Acrobat

If I start IE and click a pdf link within IE, I can view a PDF file within IE, but who wants IE?

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