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Firefox on android 4.2.2


Hi, lately I have upgraded my nexus 10 to android 4.2.2 and Firefox 18 which was working OK start to have problems with scrolling of web pages. I was hoping for Firefox 19 update, but same scrolling problem remains. Could you advise me how to fix the not smooth scrolling problem on android 4.2.2 ?

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Josh 0 solutions 9 answers

Maybe the issue isn't found in the aurora or nightly builds? I use that on 4.2.1 and haven't run into any issues. I'll upgrade to 4.2.2 now and see if I'm running into any issues, but in case you would want to check out aurora here's a link:


Josh 0 solutions 9 answers

I have upgraded to android 4.2.2 and tried Aurora browsing and have had no issues so far. I'm not using the Nexus 10 though, I'm on a Samsung GS3. I assume we have the same cyanogenmod nightly build, but that could also be a difference. I'm interested in if the aurora build shows the same problem you described with version 18.

Question owner

Just tried latest Aurora from the link you've provided - same situation, scrolling pages isn't smooth as compared to Chrome or Dolphin.

scorpio.4 0 solutions 6 answers

i have the same problem. On nexus 10 firefox is slow and lags!

Volle 0 solutions 1 answers

Got the same problem on my nexus 10 (FF Beta) running 4.2.2. It works great on my SGS3 Intl. running 4.2.2.

scorpio.4 0 solutions 6 answers

Go here https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=815862 I hope they resolve this bug in the next version!

ps: not working :/

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scorpio.4 0 solutions 6 answers

I opened a new bug here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=845944 maybe somebody that speaks english better than me can write more about the problem.

TheBlueRaja 0 solutions 1 answers

Yeah, exactly the same issue here, i've tried Stable, Beta and Nightly builds, all have REALLY poor scrolling.

Pat 3 solutions 26 answers

I'm surprised the latest post was 4 months ago. I recently started having the scrolling jerkiness and outright jumping back to the starting point in the page. I guess it was after updating to firefox beta 22.0 and android 4.2.1. Im using as asus transformer pad TF700T + keyboard dock (no change with dock removed but then you lose the down arrow and PgDn keys).

I disabled the "Quick Gestures" addon and now scrolls fine - if you ignore the slow loading which results in blank display or fuzzy text until it gets fully loaded. That annoying twirling blue circle is starting to drive me mad! Like the old days of watching the MS hourglass for 30 seconds.