posted by popm 5 years ago
SOLVED FF 19. What to Do? URL Link, ascm could not be opened, the associated helper application does not exist. Change the association in your preferences.

The error message above appears when I try to download an e-book file with the extension .acsm I have read many posts. At mozillaline site (? from 2008)

Firefox 2: Tools -> Options -> Content / File Types -> Manage  (There are no File Types or Manage)

Firefox 3: Tools -> Options -> Applications (There is no ascm file or program to change, and no way to add to list) I tried mimeTypes.rdf is a file in the profile folder. mimeTypes.rdf stores information about which action is to be performed when downloading certain types of files, such as opening the file in a specific program or saving it to disk. In Firefox, this information can be viewed or changed in "Tools -> Options -> Content / File Types -> Manage..." (There are no File Types or Manage and there is no method to Add)

The acsm extension is a common e-book file. I use Kobo Books.

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