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yahoo front page appearance has change. I think after update.


I recently updated firefox and the look of my yahoo home page has changed. The grey border was gone, the date was gone, a few options bottoms on top gone, yahoo logo gone, and a few other things too. I did a history clear on everything except for my browser history and it correct the problem I have my original yahoo page back. So problem solve right? Not excellently

From time to time I get "appearance" change page back again and I do the browser history clear again and I get the old page back.

My questions 1. Why do I get the "appearance" change back once in a while? How do I stop that?

2. I am thinking there are some options I can toggle to change from "appearance" change page to the "old" page. I am think sometime I would like to see the "appearance" change page and some time I like to see the "old" page. How do I do that?


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iurnait 0 solutions 2 answers

thats the new yahoo page design. it has nothing to do with firefox

charliejones 0 solutions 3 answers

I have this issue ONLY on my Win XP Home SP3 computer. My Win 7, laptop and Netbook are unaffected and unchanged.

If I select "view this page in IE" there is no problem, and there is no problem with IE.

This makes me believe there IS some setting that controls this.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

zimmm 0 solutions 1 answers

Helpful Reply

I have this same issue with Win 7, it started 2-3 Firefox upgrades ago.

This morning there was a system upgrade when I booted and now Yahoo home page is screwed up again.

No other browser is effected. If I have an automatic upgrade from Win 7 I can count on Firefox being screwed up. I switch to Comodo Dragon for a day or two and the problem goes away.