Missing Firefox Command Line

Hi, Version Auror 20.0

I have two problems with Firefox aurora android 20.

1) Kindle fire hd. I can't access the set-up the firefox button. I only have the address bar which gives me access to the 3 dots which gives very limited control. I cannot reset or start in safe mode no access to those unless maybe from command line and thats not allowed without voiding the warranty. Yes i have read solutions on the net but they all say click on this or that which i don't have and if i could access the firefox button that would be great and solve some of my issues. The problem may well be its in full screen mode but i cannot get out of full screen mode - again the suggestions I see are not relevant I don't have the buttons they suggest clicking on - namely the firefox button. The kindle fire hd does not have an ALT key.

2) the second and related problem is the "awesome asearch bar" which is notably unawesome in that everything I type in is assumed to be a web address and also eternally and incorrectly autocompletes which is a huge pain so the only way to search is to load the search engine web page. Entering about:config in address bar does not work for the above. I have no way to change or control the search engine provider without access to the config. Don't say click on the search provider logo in the address bar there is none (logo).

I have been using firefox for many years and was happy we have a version stable on kindle fire hd (20.0 aurora earlier versions don't run) but have to admit i don't like the lack of control. Why can't you turn on in private browsing permanently as per desktop its immensely annoying having to select each time similarly why can't you select load desktop as a permanent selection - at least on mine it unchecks after each load- and even then you have load every website that uses a mobile site twice to get a desktop version. I haven't yet seen a mobile website version I liked. At the moment have gone back to Dolphin which i don't like but is less frustrating than using the aurora and comparing it all the time to the excellent desktop version.

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