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The same folder appears in my Bookmarks Toolbar as it does in my Bookmarks Menu is this supposed to be this way?



Thanks in advance for any insight on this matter.

After having issues with a particular folder, I am now wondering if the problem was due to the fact that all of my bookmarks are in the Bookmarks Menu instead of the Bookmarks Toolbar?

Does it make a difference which category of bookmarks ie..., (Bookmarks Toolbar, and or Bookmarks Menu) that you choose to store your bookmarks in terms of backing up and maintaining them?

Thanks, bluifox

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All your bookmarks are stored in the same database regardless of whether you place them on the menu or the toolbar. If you export or backup your bookmarks, all should be included.

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Hi, Thanks. Good to know. bluifox

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  • The Bookmarks Toolbar folder stores the bookmarks that you see on the (View > Toolbars >) Bookmarks Toolbar.
  • The Bookmarks Menu folder stores bookmarks that you see in the Bookmarks menu and create via "Bookmarks > Bookmark This Page" or "Bookmark This Link" in the right click context menu.
  • The Unsorted Bookmarks folder stores the bookmarks that are created by clicking the star at the right end of the location bar.

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Got it! Thanks cor-el!