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how to access ;system; to free up disk space and remove trash ?


I cannot install updates as I have no disk space.I want to empty trash.I have second hand computer.How to delete other owner files ? Thanks
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I have edited out your email address, these messages are posted on an open public site that is indexed by search engines. Note you may use the private messaging (you-me) whilst signed into the site without disclosing personal information, but it is better to keep information in the threads where everyone may benefit from it.

Your post is probably better asked and answered on another forum it relates to Linux rather than Firefox. You appear to be using ubuntu so a good place to ask would be.

The answer may well depend on the type of install, you may for instance have several separate partitions and be able to reformat the original partition with the Home files on it.

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The trash folder is in this location in your home directory.

  • .local/share/Trash

You can also cleanup the /tmp folder to get extra disk space.

Do you have more than one partition, i.e. a separate partition for the Home directory?

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Still having trouble. I am a computer moron.I have no idea how to delete old files from previous owner or how to free up disk space. Help I am lost. Thanks/

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Try the link I posted

It appears a bit of site maintenance is about to occur on that forum, but usually they give very quick answers to questions, and are very good at hand holding and guiding new users.

We have no idea if you are running from a USB/Live CD/Windows Partition/Dual booting system but all those sort of questions relate to Ubuntu rather than Firefox.

Did you install Ubuntu yourself or did someone do it for you, could you ask them for advice ?

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I bought second hand Ubuntu computer.I installed it myself. Thanks.

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I probably will not be on the forum much in the next 24 hours. You probably will need quite a few posts to sort this out if you are new to computers.

I am sure cor-el will continue to help but the Ubuntu forum is certainly worth a try.