How can I move files or complete websites from Windows 7 to Nexus 7 for Firefox, without using sync?

I'm writing documentation telling end users how to move large websites (up to 4GB, including PDFs but not sound or video) from Windows 7 to Nexus 7 (Android 4.2.2) to be used offline there -- preferably moving the site by a wired connection, instead of using Firefox sync. I have the latest Adobe plug-in, and the latest Java from Oracle, on the Nexus 7 (it would be nice if it were not necessary to download these after downloading the latest Firefox for the Nexus, but I suspect that's not Mozilla's fault).

So I saved a small test PDF file on the Nexus 7 (to see what download folder it got put into -- it showed up in sdcard/Download/). However, when I move a small PDF (that was NOT created on Nexus 7) from Windows to Nexus 7 (through the USB wire) to the same folder, the file does show up there as expected (as seen by ES File Explorer), but is invisible to Firefox.

Also there are several files left over in that folder from a previous installation of Firefox on the Nexus 7 (I uninstalled and re-installed Firefox, for a blank-slate test). I would also like to make these files visible in the new installation of Firefox, in order to delete them.

How can I instruct the end user to change permissions or whatever on the Nexus 7, or otherwise cause certain PDF or HTML files in the sdcard/Download/ folder to also be visible to Firefox?

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