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With FacePAD gone, How can I download pictures from a Facebook Group?


I know how to download individual pictures from the group I have joined. Is there any convenient way to download a number of pictures at a time into a directory on my hard drive? Mostly I use Firefox but can happily use any other.

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Drag and drop is pretty fast. You could get the pictures that way.

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Drag and drop is generally an unsatisfactory technique for methodical collection of images. This group seems to have had a couple of hundred images. My plan had been to download most or all, view them, and collect and then cull them for a review of the group's trip. I have many or my own and would have compared mine with theirs. With dragging and dropping, I kept getting some out of order and I lost a surprising number. Systematic collection is needlessly difficult. Surely there is a simple script or macro or batch file that can do this. Photograbber, fbdownloader and photoselector are among those that claim to do this.

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I'm the original creator of FacePAD for firefox, under my old moniker, lazyrussian. Before FacePAD shutdown, Facebook allowed me to operate the app under the name PhotoJacker. After a few weeks of operating under that name, they made me shut down for breaking their terms of service.

Anyway, about 7 months ago, I made a new version of the app under the name PhotoJacker. This version wont get shutdown, as it doesn't scrape Facebook. It downloads images via Facebook's API, e.g., the legal way.

I usually charge $0.99 for the app, but it's free until the end of May. You can download it here: http://download.photojacker.com

If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me @ArtSabintsev, or to contact me via the envelope icon on my personal site, www.sabintsev.com.

Good luck