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The right side scroll bar on firefox no longer has an up and down arrow after my last update. I have to fix this! Please help!


After my last update with Firefox, my right-hand scroll bar no longer has up and down arrows. I really need to get them back. I'm using a Mac laptop.

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finitarry 157 solutions 2177 answers

What theme are you using? Do you mean that the buttons are missing or just the arrow images on the buttons?

I had problems with 2 themes missing arrow images on the scroll buttons starting with Firefox 14. I was able to rearrange the order of instructions for setting up the buttons in one theme, while I had to use a scrollbar.css file and images from another theme to fix the other one.

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Hey, thanks for responding. In answer o your question, i don't know what theme I'm using. I believe it's the default since I haven't selected any "theme" and the display looks normal. The up and down arrows are missing, and I don't know if it's just that the arrow images are missing or not, but there is nothing to click at the top or bottom, and when I do click where the arrows used to be my page jerks a sporadic distance up/down.

finitarry 157 solutions 2177 answers

So the whole button is missing. I have no idea how to fix the default theme, since it is inside omni.ja, which is not accessible from just any archive handler, and I have not found any way to open it. My problems were with third party themes, and I managed to fix those by editing parts of the themes.

Maybe you could set up scrollbars yourself by using a userChrome.css file plus images. You could get some tips by opening third party themes and looking at their scrollbars.css files.