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1 folder is not showing up in favorites, yet it is still there luckily on my pc under favorites?


Hello, Thanks in advance for any insight into this matter.

I have a folder called 1 Furn that used to show up in my favorites and now the only place it shows up is in my documents under favorites bookmark.

Please note that I re-installed firefox 18.2 and still no 1 Furn folder on the browser and luckily still in my documents on my computer. I would like to re-import just this 1 folder if I could. The only thing that I can do at the moment is copy paste as a link to my pc if I want to see all of the folders.

Is there some limit or something with folders? This is very strange?

Please help, bluifox

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Fierefox calls favourites or favorites bookmarks.

I am guessing the folder you see may belong to Internet Explorer (IE), or be some sort of backup that you have made.

If the file is a standard IE favorites folder it should be possible to import it into Firefox where it will be appended onto the end of your existing bookmarks.

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If it is in the IE Favorites folder then you should be able to only export that folder in IE to an HTML file and import that HTML file in Firefox.

Question owner

Hi, Sorry about that I meant bookmarks. I have been on Firefox for over a year now and it is really odd that this one folder is not listed in my bookmarks yet it is listed under my documents favorites folder on my computer.

I may try re-importing the bookmarks into a new folder to see if it helps?

Right now the only way I can access this folder from the Firefox browser is to copy past to my bookmarks then it becomes linked to my documents\favorites on my computer.

Thanks, bluifox

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You can check for problems with the places.sqlite database file in the Firefox Profile Folder.

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One interim workaround that you could try is opening the HTML folder and files using Firefox's file option,and maybe bookmark the folder, you will then be able to quickly open the folder as a Firefox tab.

About how many bookmarks are in this folder ? Could you simply open all bookmarks (contained in that folder) in a new Firefox window, then right click on a tab and use bookmark all tabs option to create a folder within the Firefox bookmarks Library ?

Question owner

Hi John, Thanks for all of the help. I ended up reinstalling Firefox again and I simply imported a backup from 3 weeks ago. Luckily I did not lose too much, and for now on I will do backups more regularly.

Much appreciated, bluifox

Question owner

Hi cor-el,

Thanks for the links. I decided to simply install a 3 week older version of my bookmarks. If the same problem arises again I will go through the steps in the links.

Much appreciated, bluifox