posted by Telme 5 years ago
Why is that New Toolbar Created while costomizing crashes as soon as Firefox is closed?

I am using Firefox for many years now and I simply love it.The fact

that this is my first communication to you shows that I had absolutely no

problems wit Firefox, until now that is!

The problem is Add-on Buttons along with the Toolbar keep disappearing in
Firefox18. I arrange all the Add-on Buttons on a Toolbar created for this specific purpose(Options - Toolbar - Layout - Add New Toolbar). The trouble started when I upgraded from Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 4 and then continuing even after 18th iteration of Firefox . All the Add-on  Buttons along with the Toolbar started disappearing. I checked if any of  the add-on is causing this problem but found nothing.But the Add-on  Buttons work fine when arranged on the Status Bar (Now the so called Add-on Bar) which is very inconvenient and clumsy.

Later I found out that this particular problem exists in all the Browsers
based on Firefox\'s latest version(Pale Moon,Cometbird,Wyzo,Epic etc).

That means something is causing this toolbar to disappear in the latest versions of Firefox(i.e.,Firefox 4,5... and now Firefox 18). So please help me to rectify this problem.I am impressed by the improvements made in the latest versions of Firefox and you will agree with me that the strength of Firefox is that it is highly customizable.But due to this problem Firefox has become useless for me. It is too much to that even after Firefox 18 the problem is still there I am fed up and curse why at Mozilla started this 'improvement drive. I loved Firefox 3 ! Firefox18 is useless for me.

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