On the Comcast email site, on the "Inbox Preview" page, if I click on "View Entire Inbox" or on a particular message, Firefox will just return me to the Inbox P

On the Comcast mail site, I cannot get past the "Inbox Preview" page. If I hit anything, including "View Entire Inbox" or on a particular message, or anything else, I'll just be returned to the "Inbox Preview" page. This only happens on Firefox. When it started happening, I finally gave up and tried Internet Explorer, which works fine. I'd prefer to access email on Firefox, so please tell me how to correct this.

I don't know if this is related, but immediately before this started happening, I may have hit something on my laptop, which caused the Comcast email screen to magnify to the point where I could not view the message window on messages. I couldn't figure out how reverse this, so I did the above (went to IE, which was fine). When I next attempted to access Comcast email from Firefoxe, the site was no longer magnified, but I had the above problem with being unable to get past the Inbox Preview page.

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