Whenever I click on a google result, it opens a non https google redir link, which evnetually times out, and I need to manually type https,

Yes, I already read but the only answer was not too clear on solving my issue; and I don't know if I can re-reply to the same question and if it will be automatically bumped or not, so I decided to ask a new one with my details.

Could this behaviour be caused by any cyphring protocol on the browser? (excuse my ignorance, I am mostly a computer n00b) or could this be caused by any of my firewall default settings on Windows 7? I checked all such settings and did not find anything blocking FF, but could be some "incoming http" setting on the firewall? I do not know what this means so I decided not to touch anything in case I mess it up.

I also tried ticking and unticking TLS and SSL just to see if it helped but none of this did.

I googled as much as I could, but nothing seemed to talk about my issue, and if it did, there was no answer.


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