posted by JWGru 5 years ago
Can't fill in forms or select options

I tried to bye aticket at sncb in Belgium, for that I need to provide the name of the start station and arrival station . Forthis purpose the form normally offers popup windows which contain the namelist of the stations, from which I select the names. with the mobile ff browser this does not happen. On the desktop version: no problem. Other example: try to selct a search option in google; on the desktop browser version the options are on the left side of the search results. In the mobile version the searchoption is positioned above the search results besides other categories of options. When I click on search options (german version of mobile ff 18) it tries to open a pop up window but only a frame belowe the raw of option categories opens shortly and closes again but no option list appears. So I can with mobile ff not choose to see only the most recent search results. Obvioulsy not helpful. I asked this question already in German on the camp firefox forum with no result. I hope I get help here, since filling in forms is a quite important job, eg whn travelling in order to book hotels or restaurants. My feeling its a script permission problem.

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