posted by Kyttyn 5 years ago
Firefox is infected by malware that redirects users on audio/ video sites to various other sites, but does Mozilla care?

Ever since I upgraded Firefox to the latest version, I have had a massive increase in attempts to open new pages. I kept them blocked and sites like facebook, they stop attempting to open new pages but on Netflix and YouTube, the page get redirected to various other sites, usually one named I haven't found any other way to contact Mozilla about this as they don't provide many reasonable options- snail mail doesn't cover it. I see an older thread that was posted but is now closed where users had the same kind of issues. As the problem is not resolved, it appears Mozilla doesn't care about this. Even their site is compromised- my anti-malware is warning me on every single page of a threat of malicious software... ON THIS SITE! So, hopefully, this will be seen and the problem addressed. I even attempted a post on the Firefox page on facebook but it was removed. So the question now isn't just whether or not this issue is even known about or is being addressed, it's whether or not Mozilla even cares.

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