posted by Axis 5 years ago
Eras Medium ITC not a font option in FF 18.0.2 like most browsers. It was, and now you have reverted. Like to discus this.

I have the Latest version of Chrome, Opera, IE9 and FF 18.0.2. Firefox in the previous two editions or more finally began to have a font option for each of the various Eras ITC fonts (Medium, Bold, Demi, whatever), like the other browsers above. Then, in 18.0.2, I believe, it reverted to the issue I answered for another user here (in the way back...): ...a now closed thread, in that it reverted to listing only "Eras ITC" as an option.

I can fix this in my style sheets so it would render in FF by using this code: body {font-family: "Eras Medium ITC", "Eras ITC", Arial, Verdana, sans-serif ;}

so in the above code I am "solving" my question as far as how to *work* with the way FF "defines" fonts for webmasters and viewers of websites, etc. but...

The question is why would the FF developers "break ranks" on something like this with the other browsers (after fixing it) and revert to the the way they were when they made "Eras ITC" the only option available to render font. If I take out the "Eras ITC" from the above style-sheet code, FF will render this as Arial. This was not true in the last two (I think) versions where the "fixed" FF defined fonts the way other browsers on Windows do. I had to do this before with two of my sites, then I didn't need to because FF "fixed" its singular way of defining fonts, and now I do again. So please quit doing that, FF, eh?

I hope this makes sense and can be discussed a bit. And it not, at least the code above may be a solution to those webmaster who choose or have been told to use this font on their site(s).

Regards, Axis

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