posted by MakePa 5 years ago
firefox freezes on startup after last Microsoft update

I don´t know if it was just coincidence but last night Microsoft Automatic Update -service updated my laptop with the latest security etc. fixes and updates. And just before that I was using Firefox 18.02 version succesfully without any errors. And this morning I booted the computer and tried to start Firefox. And it freezed on startup allready, having reserved either about 50 M or 110 M memory (checked on task manager). After that nothing happens. I have stopped the process and renewed the startup but same results. Its the same with Internet Exprorer (my version 8.06....), it gets only about 4 M of memory before freezing. Chrome is working normally as now writing this text with it.

Anybody else having similar problems lately. Could it be the MS update or am I just paranoid. Any suggestions about how to fix this without reinstallation ? OK, I can do the reinstallation but don´t want to because not 100 percent sure how I can ensure that my bookmarks, some passwords etc are surely saved in this case (not done lately and things have changed).

I restarted the pc also on safe mode but same results. Checkup for malware is on every startup, at least kind of (something like HitmanPro or similar). Maybe I should check the pc with better malware detection tools - any suggestions ? Still some information which might have had some effect on this. I updated suggesfully yesterday both my Java and Flash. Java with automatic update process and flash manually. Firefox worked fine after both updates - allthought I´m not using Java on Firefox at the moment.

Below some info from my pc from Speccy. Trobleshooting information gathering with this form not working - probably because of using Chrome.. Sorry to admit but yes, I´m still using XP but organizing my things so that I could move at least on this pc to Ubuntu or some other linux distro.


MS Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3 Installation Date: 17 September 2009, 15:19 Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Windows Security Center Firewall Enabled Windows Update AutoUpdate Download Automatically and Install at Set Scheduled time Schedule Frequency Every day Schedule Time 3 am Antivirus Antivirus Enabled Company Name AVAST Software Display Name avast! Antivirus Product Version 5.0.117441986

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