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How do I access the port


In my computer I have a VoIP system known as Echo Link. This is an Amateur Radio supported Voice Over Internet Protocol system supported by and ran by Amateur Radio Operators. I am an Amateur Radio Operator who used this Echo Link over the years without any problems. Now I can't access my Echo Link anymore and make it work ever since I changed from Verizon's 3G Internet connecting device using a USB "stick". This is what Verizon refers to it as. Verizon tells me this is NOT a router so consequently, my Echo Link, (VoIP) system worked okay.

In March 2012, I changed to Verizon's WiFi device, which Verizon tells me is a 4G application and is a "router". Since I went to Verizon's WiFi device, I cannot operate my VoIP system. I can access the Echo Link system but can't transmit or receive on it.

I have contacted my VoIP system support team and administrators and they informed me that I'd have to be able to access UDP ports in and out 5198 and 5199 and outbound ports TCP to 5200. I haven't been able to do this.

I contacted Verizon and today they told me to GO TO MY BROWSER AND ENTER - - so here is my question - - - HOW DO I DO THIS. Verizon told me this would take me to the ADMIN MENU AND THE PASSWORD WOULD BE ADMIN.

Verizon then informed me that this is where I could set up the inbound UDP ports 5198 and 5199 and the outbound TCP port 5200, which I need to be able to operate my VoIP system. But I'm not sure how to do all this. I NEED HELP, SERIOUS HELP. Someone, somewhere has got to know how to do this. PLEASE HELP OR DIRECT ME TO SOMEONE WHO can.

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I can't say it helped me yet. I'll read it all and TRY to understand how to accomplish my goal of getting UDP ports 5198 and 5199 opened, or whatever you call it. I'm not a computer expert so don't really understand how to do all this. My VoIP requires UDP ports 5198 and 5199. In checking my downloading of Echo Link, my VoIP program, the program details tell me that outbound TCP to 5200 is working probably but not the UDP ports 5198 and 5199. So I'm a little stymied on how to accomplish this. Verizon's help was to tell me to go to my browser and enter: it where?? Verizon tells me my WiFi is a router now employing 4G speed wherein my previous Internet connect was a USB "stick" and NOT a router and it employed 3G....to me this is pretty much ALL MUD.....I need real help in explicit English terms.

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hello, when you want to access (that's probably the userinterface of your router that works like a website) just type it into the address bar of your browser as you would with any other web address (like www.mozilla.org) & press enter...