Why can't I view my downloads in the downloads folder? (Android 4.2.1 Jellybean)

I just got the new Google Nexus 4 and have been running Firefox mobile as my primary browser but I have recently discovered a problem. When I download a file (such as a PDF) off of a site to read with Android's quickoffice, no file goes into Android's downloads app. I assumed the file was only bring temporarily bring downloaded for a one time view but when I tried this same process with Chrome mobile, a file was put in the downloads app. I installed a third party for browser for my phone and looked in the downloads folder it showed for my phone and discovered the files I had been downloading with Firefox in it. It seems Firefox doesn't display files downloaded in the downloads app provided with Android which is a problem because that means without a third party for browser, you can't get rid of them. (Petty for sizes but they would eventually fill your phones storage). Is a downloads folder provided with Firefox? Can the downloads be viewed in the stock downloads app?

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