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I donated $30.00...when will I get my T-shirt?


I donated $30.00...when will I get my T-shirt? Please send to:

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According to https://sendto.mozilla.org/page/contribute/join-mozilla: "Please expect your t-shirt to arrive within three to six weeks from the date of your order."

dravafox 0 solutions 2 answers

Made my donation 45 days ago, Dec 31st, well over 6 weeks... I only live in Toronto, not Antananarivo, should have been here long time ago... methinks its got lost in the mail or something.... how can I rectify this?

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Our end of the year t-shirt campaign was far more successful than we anticipated and we were a bit slower shipping than we hoped to be.

If you can get in touch with me directly (mari at mozillafoundation dot org), I can look and see exactly when your shirt was shipped. Then we can figure out whether or not your shirt might be lost in the mail.

Take care, hope to hear from you soon!

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dravafox 0 solutions 2 answers

Yeah, sorry, I should have updated this post, but I RECEIVED MY TSHIRT the very next day after I posted this, so yeah, ALL IS GOOD AND FIREFOX rawks!