Direct Layout Links to TinyPIC doesn't work anymore in firefox. A Direct LINK For Layouts Directs you to (WITH Image), instead of image alone.

I have a problem IT only does it in firefox and not in Internet Explorer.. IT started happening right after I updated firefox -_-

.. here is an example :

TRY GOING HERE.... in firefox... if you have my current version 18.0.2

And it should show a page ONLY Of the picture.. instead it reloads it and goes to the TINYPIC website and shows the image with all these tools and crap.. I cannot properly do anything to do web designs and artwork designs to share pictures with artists.. properly.. because firefox keeps going to the SOURCE Page of the website that is hosting the PNG file.. NOT the actual file.. IT ONLY does this with tinypic.. I don't know why..

But Tinypic is the only image hosting website I have had trouble with... But then again it has never done this or had this kind of problem until I updated Firefox again.. I'm thinking of just rolling back again :l Firefox has turned into a piece of crap with all the years of updates..

Sincerely yours,

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