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How to subscribe to RSS and get it in Outlook?


This might be obvious but I just can't see it. I use Outlook to see my RSS. When I go to a blog page and select on Firefox Bookmarks>Subscribe to this page, there are 3 'options' that expand out of that I had to try each option - the first two just took me to the blog pages with 'standard' feedburner to choose The third one gave me the dialog which set up Outlook RSS feed Could this be made more obvious somehow?

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Tyler Downer
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This is an outlook question, not a Firefox one (and this is a firefox forum, not an outlook one)

Try http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/add-an-rss-feed-HA010159539.aspx#BM3 or ask on an outlook forum.

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Hope you feel better getting that off your chest. I bow down to your superiority. Too bad you didn't attempt to answer the question. I found this question trying to find out the same thing. Outlook blogs won't discuss Firefox and Firefox won't discuss Outlook. What a waste of everyone's efforts.

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Hi dcodding, are you having the same problem with the method used by the original poster -- that you do not get a consistent set of options for opening the RSS feed in Outlook? To recap, that method is:

Bookmarks Menu > Subscribe to Page > [list of available feeds linked to the page]

By default each should take you to a preview screen where you can choose the program you want to open the feed. Unless the feeds are in different formats, I wouldn't expect that you get different options for different feeds on the menu.

Here are a few alternate methods for subscribing if that one doesn't work well:

First, if there is a link to the feed, follow the link. This should have the same result as using the Subscribe to menu. Do you get an option similar to the attached where you can choose to launch the feed in Outlook?

If that method subscribes you automatically without a preview or a choice, open the Options/Preferences dialog and look for Web Feed to change how that is handled. (See attached example.)

(WIN) orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Options > Applications
(MAC) Firefox menu > Preferences > Applications
(LINUX) Edit menu > Preferences > Applications

If you do not find Outlook in those two places, Firefox may not have picked up from the registry that Outlook can handle RSS. As a workaround, you can MANUALLY add the RSS URL to Outlook (first copy the URL before going to Outlook).

If you have Outlook 2007, use the link in Tylerdowner's earlier reply.

If you have Outlook 2010, see this page: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/subscribe-to-an-rss-feed-HA010355679.aspx#_Toc288635727

There might also be a way to update the information Firefox has about Outlook, either by refreshing your Office settings in the registry, or by clearing some files in Firefox. However, I haven't researched that and hopefully you won't need it.

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Hi RodHughes, if you come across a page that has this problem, could you reply with a link to it? There are a few different formats for RSS feeds, and it could be that Outlook either can't handle the other formats or isn't registered to handle them. Either way, I agree it would be convenient if the menu could indicate which format each item points to, especially if it's not apparent from the URL that appears when you hover your mouse over them.

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Hi jscher2000 thanks for the answers - well done! I don't make new RSS all that often (and hence can forget how to do things) but if I find it again I'll let you know