desire firefox kiosk mode where full screen allows an exit (other than ALT + F4) only one URL required for company timesheet entry. No optons. No navigation.

using win 7 x86 SP1, firefox 18 with kiosk add-in r_kiosk-0.9.0-fx.xpi . Full screen kiosk mode uses one URL to company time entry sheet. Firefox is not company standard and needs to be provided for this purpose only. We're adept at virtualized delivery via AppV and have a solution BUT.... Really like the lack of toolbars providing no option to the user. No right click, no navigation. Perfect except there's no close or exit option except keyboard stroke such as ALT+F4. I'm not talented enough to modify the XPI file to provide a full screen kiosk BUT with a close option simple enough for 3500 end users. Advice appreciated.

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