How do I get Firefox 18.0.1 (Windows XP 32-bit) to complete its update?

I was having some problems with Firefox and so, a week ago, I chose to "refesh" (the term I believe the Moilla website window used) with a download of Firefox 18.0.1. I followed all instructions and was not aware of any difficulties in the download or installation until, having restarted my computer to complete the update, I could not do anything involving the Internet because a notice from SETUP showed each and every time: "Your computer must be restarted to complete a previous upgrade of FireFox. Do you want to reboot now?" Ultimately, I had to install Windows Internet Explorer 8 in order to resume my activities, but the invitation to restart appears at the most inopportune times. Please note: NOTHING associated with the actual application (including any and all attempts to uninstall using "Add or Remove Programs" and other Uninstall programs) can be started because the SETUP message precludes it.

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