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Installed FF18, I have no 'awesome bar' (address bar) at all. Where is it ? In fact, no controls at all. No favorites, or any options whatsoever


All I get is the home page which takes up the whole screen. If I mouse up to top of screen, tabs are visible. I can add or delete new windows. But no controls or options of any kind appear.

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Hello apophenia, click F11 on keyboard to exit full screen mode.

thank you

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Thanks for your reply ideato. I'm sure I did actually try that a few times, because it was obviously in full screen mode. Didn't work though. I can't check that one more time right now because the problem is on a friend's machine ( HP Pavilion DV6 laptop), and I am at home right now. I will try it again though just to be 100% certain.

I will try that again in a day or two.

Thanks again for reply, will post result ...

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this ....

Turn off Full Screen

Gimme my computer back! Shrink Firefox back to it's original size.

   Move the pointer to the top of the screen.
   Right-click on an empty section of the Tab Strip.
   Click Exit Full Screen Mode 

and particularly this ...

"Toggle Full Screen keyboard shortcut: Press the F11 key.

"Note: On computers with a compact keyboard (such as netbooks and laptops), press the fn + F11 keys

Will try that and report back

Thank you cor-el