posted by Fala 5 years ago
Techalpunto won't go away whatever I do.

Today, everything was normal. I left the PC turned on when I went to training and not a single person touched it. When I came back and opened up Firefox (and Chrome for that matter but not Internet Explorer) the home page was "". This has never happened before so I immediately thought of a virus. I scanned my system 3 times, removed any suspicious file I could find, tried to find the source in the control panel in the "Uninstall programs" section, fiddled with my personal Firefox settings, checked the add-ons, deleted any recent downloads, cookies, you name it and tried to reset my home page to 3 different adresses but every time I close Firefox and open it up again, I get the "" site on the home page. I tried googling for solutions but only found 2 relevant hits and both were topics looking for help in a language I couldn't understand, both from today and both unanswered. I tried rebooting my PC and all of the obvious stuff but nothing seems to work.

I repeat, this is not a Firefox exclusive problem because it happened in Chrome as well and I can't get rid of it there either. The reason I am looking for help here is because I only have Chrome installed for other people to use so as to not fiddle with my Firefox, which is the only browser that I use.

I would really appreciate any help given.

Thank you very much in advance.

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