posted by Liou 5 years ago
How can I get my Adobe plugin to stop saying that it's an outdated version (9.4.5 or lower) and to realise that I have updated it to Adobe 11 a gazillion times?


My Adobe Acrobat plugin has been whining and complaining for ages, showing itself as yellow and outdated on the plugin check page, and saying that it's vulnerable. Before opening a pdf document, I reach a dark page where I have to click to activate the plugin.

Fortunately, the mozilla plugin check page is kind enough to give me a handy yellow button right next to the outdated plugin, that will let me update it. That handy yellow button leads me straight to the download page for Adobe Reader 11. I must have installed that guy hundreds of times by now, and Adobe Acrobat plugin still refuses to hear anything, and still claims to be vulnerable and outdated. I would really like to find a way to persuade Acrobat to be up to date.

Thank you for your attention.

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